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Value Added Services

Some of the basic additional services we offer include:
Trucking and Transportation
Through our own fleet and through our trade partners. We can handle 20’ and 40’ Containers, Steel Coils, ISO-Tanks, etc.
Handling Equipment
Cranes, Forklifts, Container Handlers, etc.
Customs Bonded Warehousing
Multiple Locations – Short and Long Term
Handling of Over-Dimensional Cargo
Requires Specialized Handling Measures
Handling of Hazardous Cargo
In accordance with International Regulations
DGFT Liason Services
Importer Exporter Code, Licensing, Export Incentives, Drawback, etc.
Value added services
The additional benefits of our services include:
Improving compliance
Improving compliance through clear operating practices
Reduced time lag
Reduced time lag due to greater control over monitoring and managing the integrated processes
Optimizing strategies
Identifying optimized strategies to maximize cost-savings through specialized industry knowledge
New Avenues:
Agricultural Logistics and Commodity Trading Industry
We are also developing a venture for the Import, Export and local sourcing of agricultural commodities such as wheat, chana, black pepper, etc.

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Other allied services can be arranged as per client requirements,